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2017 is here!

2017 is a year that the technology will be more present in our daily lives. In Ax-Easy we are always open to new challenges and we see what follows in direct or indirect future.

Virtual reality will escape games and enter online presentations. In a few years navigation in e-shops will be more than just “click” or “touch”, will enter “virtually” in every store and maybe trying clothes/shoes/accessories from the comfort of your home. In international exhibitions similar existing implementations exist in the pilot stage.

This year Google is using Chrome, “forcing” (with or without quotes) websites to offer SSL certification to their guests. As explained here are three certification gradations where Ax-Easy offer all of them (conditional).

As we said 2017 is here, with challenges and invitations to new things. We welcome it and we are ready with new services that we will soon announce to you. The web development and web design in general is changing. It becomes more “open” and the taste of the designer and the company’s reputation will be in the foreground.

Stay tuned!
Happy new year!

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