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New website with technologies of today


The time has come for the new website of our company, Ax-Easy.

New design, new technologies, new style, new portfolio, new content, simple navigation and speed.

7 years had to pass by (the old design was designed in 2009 if you believe it), Flash to be forbidden (almost blocked by modern browsers) for us to decide a radical change to our website. Due to tight deadlines and load of projects we couldn’t do this earlier. This upcoming week, we have a 9 years anniversary as a company, so we said that this step had to be done now for our further development.

The website you see now will be our main switch that connects you and us. Either you’re clients or visitors who investigate the market. We encourage you to continue your investigation on the market, only after this investigation you will know what you want to do and what not. Our best clients are those who know what they want and need and had chose other companies in the past for their services. Only then a client has the right judgement and knowledge.

After all this time, we welcome you on our new website. We wish you like it, we’re open to proposals for corrections and additions you might need.

Contact us for anything you might have caught and you suggest to change.

Thank you,
Ax-Easy Team


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