Discogs Integration for WooCommerce



Discogs Integration for WooCommerce

For hassle-free selling on Discogs via WooCommerce

List and sell your music antiques to millions of music enthusiasts around the world using Discogs integration for WooCommerce.

Reach out to a massive network of discerning music fans who actively search for their next digital or physical masterpiece.

Key highlights of the tool

WooCommerce Discogs Integration by Ax-Easy is a feature-rich solution. Using our solution you can easily integrate the store to the Discogs marketplace. You will get a one-stop solution to sell recordings on Discogs.

Simple pricing options

You will be prompted to choose the right plan that best suits your business and proceed to further settings of the plugin.

Detailed mapping for import and export

The tool allows mapping at 4 levels so that every granular detail is mapped for importing and exporting the products.

  • Field mapping for import
  • Attribute mapping for import
  • Category mapping for import
  • Export configuration

Easily import items from Discogs

This feature lets you import Discogs listings to your WooCommerce dashboard with just a few clicks. All you need to do is just mark the listings that you want to import and select the import option under the bulk actions tab and click apply.

Manage WooCommerce products

The product management dashboard gives you granular details about your products. You can view each Product’s Image, Name, Price, SKU, Stock, WooCommerce category, and Discogs status.

Manage Discogs order

With the help of bulk actions feature, you can fetch all your Discogs orders on your WooCommerce dashboard on complete automation.


The settings feature allows you to schedule your multiple tasks like-

  • Auto import product from Discogs
  • Auto fetch orders from Discogs
  • Sync status to draft when out of stock
  • Sync to fix the broken images
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