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Frequent Asked Questions


There are 3 types of SSL certification for your websites.

  1. Basic authentication for a domain/site where the browser displays a green padlock next to your domain. The cost is small and the installation is done on the same day. Recommended for all sites that want to offer more confidence to their visitors.
  2. Certification as above + Company/organization validation. So your visitor and customer is sure that is the right site for shopping or filling of sensitive personal data. Recommended for e-shops.
  3. Certification with green bar. It is the most secure authentication and commonly used by banks and electronic wallets such as PayPal. The safety of this certification is not recommended to use for a single e-shop.

All 3 certifications are available through our company for your new website and by the Spring of 2017 we recommend to all websites we make to be included. Also our existing customers can easily and instantly obtain SSL certification on all packages that we offer them at VAG Hosting.

For customers in other hosting companies, it is recommended consultation with the administrator. We recommend using cPanel for third party providers that is quick and easy to install the new SSL certification key.

For more info please contact us.

In an era where internet has evolved, there are many types of websites. Our company, as the most serious companies who develop websites, build these types of websites:

  • Dynamic websites
  • Flash websites
  • Hybrid websites (dynamic with Flash and non-Flash components)
  • Online Communities and Social Networks (website forums or websites with social networking abilities like Facebook)
  • E-Commerce websites (big portals, online shops or E-Stores)
  • Blogs (the trend of personal contact through articles in a personal page)
  • Online Galleries (dynamic with photos or videos or both)
  • Mini Websites (small web pages created for the purpose of product promotion or campaign)
  • Static Websites (usually as simple as a professional card or flyer)

The possibilities for the development of a website today are endless. We will research your market and develop a personal or corporate website that immediately opens the doors to the World Wide Web. Year to year in Greece, we see big improvements on the E-business front. Join the many owners that have already expanded their companies and increased their profits with a website presence on the internet.

Almost everyone in the Western world today has at least one e-mail account. This allows for direct, quick and immediate communication to anyone in the world. On the other hand, there are times when we receive incoming messages from unknown individuals that can contain damaging viruses or code. Learn how to protect yourself and your personal data. Here is some advice to customers and visitors:

  1. Never use an e-mail program to send and receive messages if it isn’t updated with the latest security patches and filtering technology.
  2. Use an anti-virus program with integrated e-mail scanning that is up to date and can recognize the latest threats.
  3. As an additional line of protection, use online email applications such as Gmail, Hotmail/MSN, Yahoo!, and others. These companies employ the latest email filtering technology to detect Spam, Trojans and other viruses. E-mails are not downloaded to your computer unless you press the ‘download’ button.
  4. Never give out your username or password. Someone may steal your identity and gain access to your contacts in your address book or be able to access and damage your personal files and saved messages.
  5. Do not use old software such as Outlook Express 6 or older to access your e-mail. Preferably use more reliable and modern software such as Mozilla Thunderbird. Same suggestion goes for web browsers. We recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera over Internet Explorer. This was you will experience modern websites as they were designed to work, quickly and reliably.

An ISP is a company that through subscriptions, allows us to connect to the Internet. In Greece the most well known companies are: OTE. Forthnet, HOL, Wind, Cyta and others well as several universities. These are our gateway to the World Wide Web

The connection speed we can achieve with the internet varies from subscription to subscription and from provider to provider. In Greece the current connections speeds we have are: VDSL, ADSL2, ADSL, ISDN and PSTN. All VDSL connections can attain speeds up to 50MBps, ADSL up to 24MBps, ISDN up to 128KBps and finally PSTN as slow as 56KBps. The higher the speed, the better the experience will be while streaming videos and audio. In case your connection isn’t as fast as supposed to be, contact your internet provider’s support to figure out what the problem is. In most cases, the problems are our cables, the connections we have inside the house/office, the DSLAM we’re connected with or the provider itself.


Operating System or OS is the software that allows us to communicate through it’s interface and the keyboard and mouse, with the computer. We can add, edit and delete data each time we communicate with it. The most common operating systemsare:

  • Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, 8 and 10 are the most known to the public today)
  • Apple Mac OS X (10.6, 10.10, 10.11 and macOS 10.12 & 10.13 are the most recent releases)
  • Linux (the most know distributions are:Ubuntu, Suse, Redhat and Gentoo)

Whatever is yourchoice regarding the operating system you will use, one is important. This piece of software must work for you and not the opposite. Therefor you have to read about it’s ablitiies and utilities are integrated and “play with it” while you use it.

Based on the description we wrote above, we suggest that those of you who use Windows, have to install an antivirus software. The reason is that, based on Windows popularity around the world with around 90% of computers to using Windows, there are users who develop viruses,trojans and spyware for the rest of the Windows users. Your computer isatrisk everytime you accept files from e-mails and by visiting websites without any protection with a antivirus programwith firewall. Files, documents and personal data is the target of those applications-threads.

None of our computers is 100% safe out of the box. There are some exceptions like, Linux and Mac OS X. The last years on the other hand we see even on Mac OS X with it’s expansion to more mainstream users to be threatned with attempts to it’s security and stability. In the future we may see viruses to thos OSes too.

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